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5 (Easy!) Ways to Get Your Linkedin Messages and E-mails to Stand Out

by Bill Cates
How to get prospects to actually read your LinkedIn messages and emails

I feel your frustration!  You send email and LinkedIn messages to prospects and they don’t always respond. Even when your client told the prospect you’d be reaching out… crickets!

Your prospects are bombarded with email and LinkedIn messages everyday. Their brains are constantly scanning and reacting… “Relevant?  Irrelevant?  Relevant?  Irrelevant?

So, unless your subject line and message hits the Relevance Bullseye in their brain, they’ll pass you by.


Copy-Paste.   Copy-Paste.   Copy-Paste.


Have you ever received an email or LinkedIn message where it was pretty obvious someone had just copied and pasted a generic message? Of course you have. You can spot these things a mile away. The sender may think they’re customizing the message by using your first name at the beginning, but you’re not fooled.


What’s the answer? How do you get your electronic messages to get noticed, opened, and responded to? 


Take 30-60 seconds do something – anything – you can to make the subject line and message as relevant and personalized as possible.


5 Simple Ways to Make Your Linkedin Messages and Emails More Relevant & Personalized 

  1. If messaging a referral prospect, use the referral source’s name in both the subject line and at the front of the first sentence.
  2. Don’t forget to ask your referral source, “What’s most important thing going on in their life (or business) at the moment?” Try to refer to that in the subject line and/or the first paragraph.
  3. Glance at the prospect’s LinkedIn profile. You can refer to such things as where they went to school, a recent post, or something interesting that you observed in their profile.
  4. Look at their company website. What stands out to you as interesting or compelling to which you can refer in your message?
  5. See if you can find their Facebook page (personal or business). Can you refer to something you both have in common such as their favorite sports team, pet, or obvious special interest?


Don’t make the copy-paste mistake. Slow down. In today’s world of marketing-message overload, your email and LinkedIn messages are much more likely to produce the results you want when you send relevant and personalized messages.



How Do YOU Get YOUR Electronic Messages to Stand Out?

How are you attempting to increase your open rates and response rates to your email and LinkedIn messages?  I’d love to hear from you, so let’s start a conversation! Simply leave a comment below this post, or connect with me on Linkedin (with a relevant and personalized message, of course!)


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