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2 Reasons You May Not Be Getting Referrals Without Asking

by Bill Cates
2 Reasons Why You Aren't Receiving Referrals Without Asking

You may be great at the work you do and you may have great relationships with most of your clients. But, have you ever noticed that you rarely receive referrals without asking? If so, you may be making two critical mistakes that are keeping your clients from introducing you to others.

2 Common Mistakes That Could Be Preventing You From Getting Referrals Without Asking

Mistake #1 – See how busy I am.

How busy do you appear to your clients? When your clients call and ask how you’re doing, do you say, “Busier than a one-armed paper hanger?” (Or similar statement indicating you’re having a busy day.)

When you’re clients leave a message for you (voice or email), does it take you more than a few hours to get back to them in some form?

Are you unconsciously sending the message to your clients that you barely have enough time for them, let alone their introductions to people they care about?

You know the idiom – “Don’t let them see you sweat.” Well… “Don’t let them see you too busy!”

Mistake #2 – See how successful I am.

You know that successful people like to do business with successful people. So you dress successful, drive successful, and keep time successful. Nothing wrong with that.

But are you also sending the unconscious message to your clients that you’re “done?” Or that you’re not really looking for more people to serve?

I’m not telling you to stop dressing and driving well – though you should keep it on a level similar to your core clients.

Make sure you balance this “success message” with promoting and asking for introductions.

Your Action Step: Get back to clients quickly, even if it’s to arrange a time to talk. Be careful how you answer the common question, “Are you busy?” Be careful how you wear your success without balancing it with your sincere desire to bring your value to more people.

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