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Close Your Prospect Conversion Gap

by Bill Cates

You’ve set an appointment with a brand-new prospect (virtual or in-person). That’s great!

Now… what is your plan to engage with that new prospect before the meeting? If you can enhance both the value connection and the personal connection before meeting with them, you will significantly increase your chances of winning them as new clients.

If you do little to nothing, this gap in your process might be costing you.

Here are 7 ways to bring value and connect on a more personal level before your first official meeting with a brand-new prospect.

HINT – Items that create some 2-way conversation before your meeting are ideal.

7 Ways to Convert More Prospects into Clients by Enhancing Prospect Engagement

[EXCERPTED from The Cates Academy for Relationship Marketing]

  1. Send a Personalized Letter or Email
    This can be a brief introduction about yourself, your team, and/or your approach. Don’t be afraid to share some personal information to humanize your strategy.
  1. Use a Pre-Meeting Questionnaire
    Some advisors use extensive questionnaires and others keep them very brief. Personally acknowledge receipt of the questionnaire. Then…
  1. Send Educational Materials
    Send an article, whitepaper, e-book, or video that is relevant to your new prospect. The more personalized and less generic the better. Use your referral source or the results of your website quiz or assessment to determine what to send.
  1. Send an Agenda for the Meeting
    Outline the key points or topics you plan on discussing in the meeting and ask them if there are any other topics they would like to add to the agenda. When you do this before the meeting, you won’t be surprised and you’ll have time to better prepare.
  1. Send Relevant Case Studies
    Share anonymous (compliance-friendly) case studies that are relevant to their lives and/or financial situation. These can showcase your expertise and provide tangible examples of your approach. Case studies are powerful and used too infrequently in our industry.
  1. Send a Sample Financial Plan
    Many firms have discovered the power of using one or more sample financial plans with prospects. Curious about this? Listen to our recent podcast interview to learn how one successful firm is using this strategy:
  1. Send a Personalized Video Message
    Share a short video where you introduce yourself, give a brief overview of what they can expect in the upcoming meeting, and express gratitude for the opportunity to meet with them. This can make the interaction more personal and engaging. Here’s a tool I’ve discovered that works well for this:

Enhancing Prospect Engagement and Client Engagement are critical strategies you want to employ to become super referable. Discover these and so much more in The Cates Academy for Relationship Marketing.

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