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Category: Set More Appointments

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If you are not getting an acceptable level of people opening or responding to your emails, then your messaging isn’t relevant enough, compelling enough, or both.

What does it take to get someone to open an email and then take further action?

In this Blog Post I’ll expand on these 4 critical strategies to get your prospects and clients to open your emails and take the action you want them to take:

1. You’re making a series of small sales.
2. Every component part of your email must be micro relevant.
3. To create action, you must be compelling.
4. Tell them what you want them to do.


What would it mean for your business if you could turn networking from something you hate to do into something you love to do – and you get really good at?

It would mean you’d be meeting more new prospects and centers of influence for your business. If you need to see more people to grow your business, then Networking Champions could be your solution.

Check out this guest article by Steve Perlman, LUTCF.


I think you’re going to like this article I just read on Horsesmouth. Using the research and writings of Robert Cialdini, Dan Richards shows how the use of just one word might make a huge difference in how you qualify prospects and increase your ability to set appointments and covert prospects into new clients. Follow this link to the entire article:


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