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Month: November 2015

When you gather with friends and family over the coming days and weeks, and they say to you – for the 10th time – “What is it that you do again?” Here’s something you can say that could easily spark a further conversation – either then or down the road when the timing is right.


Perhaps you already know that power of having an accountability buddy – someone whose job it is to not let you fail and vice versa; someone who holds you accountable and then helps you celebrate. Or maybe you get the concept, but haven’t yet found that person.

For either scenario, here are 6 keys to setting up and maximizing the relationship for winning results for both you and your buddy – as well as a simple action you can take to get started right away – so 2016 is your best year yet.


By Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE

On a recent group coaching call, one of the members of our elite group told us how he had used the VIPS Method™ to generate several introductions that turned into new clients. (The process works – if you work it).

He asked, “I want to go back to this client and ask again, but I’m not sure if or when I should do that.” The good news is that you can continue to ask clients for introductions, but you have to be mindful of two very important things.


Have you noticed how hard it is to reach prospects these days; even when you’re working from introductions? Some prospects in some niches are particularly hard to reach. For instance, physicians, surgeons, and dentists – to name a few – are harder to reach than others.

Here are three strategies worth considering to get any prospect to take notice and at least respond to your email or voice mail message.


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