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Are You Using an Accountability Buddy?

by Bill Cates

To Get More Results – Get an Accountability Buddy: Guest Post from Susan Danzig

Perhaps you already know that power of having an accountability buddy – someone whose job it is to not let you fail and vice versa; someone who holds you accountable and then helps you celebrate. Or maybe you get the concept, but haven’t yet found that person.

For either scenario, here are 6 keys to setting up and maximizing the relationship for winning results for both you and your buddy:

1. Choose an accountability buddy that you respect to give you objective feedback.

2. Have a goal-setting session together to support the results that you want to see happen over the course of the year.

3. Determine the time frames (or deadline dates) that you want to see actions and results.

4. Agree upon the level and frequency of accountability you want. Determine when and where you will meet or connect by phone, the length of the meetings, and the type of support you want and are comfortable committing to for your accountability buddy.

5. Honor the model that you set up. That means be on time to the meetings, give each person adequate time to be supported and take action consistent to the goals that you set.

6. Plan to revisit the relationship periodically, either quarterly, semi-annually, or once a year. If something isn’t working for either of you, be willing to address it and make adjustments.

Thanks, Susan.

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