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Tag: Target Market

5 Ways to Discover Your Meaningful Differentiation
July 8, 2020Posted by Bill Cates

EXCERPTED FROM BILL’S NEWEST BOOK: Radical Relevance If a high-level prospect or potential center of influence asked you, “What makes you different?”. Would you have an immediate, succinct, and confident answer? Do you struggle or are you clear and confident? And does what makes you different matter? Is it a differentiation that brings a real…

How to Acquire More Ideal Clients (Without Adding to Your Marketing Budget)
March 4, 2020Posted by Bill Cates

In last week’s blog, How One Advisor Increased His Revenue by 50 Percent in 14 Months, I told you how Adam Cmejla created exponential growth by focusing his business on the financial lives of successful optometrists. In today’s blog, I’ll provide another real-life example of how financial advisor, Jayson Lowe, has found a way to…

How One Advisor Increased His Revenue by 50 Percent in 14 Months
February 25, 2020Posted by Bill Cates

“I’ve cut my prospecting time in half. My prospects reach out to me, most of them ready to get started.” This is what Indianapolis based financial advisor Adam Cmejla, CFP® told me in our recent interview. He continued, “In the last 14 months, I’ve increased my revenue by 50 percent.” Finding the Right Target Market…

The Fastest Way to Get More Clients with Linkedin
September 14, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

When you look at a client’s profile, you will see people with whom they are connected.

But how good are those connections? What’s the likelihood that you’ll suggest an introduction to someone and your client will respond, “I don’t know her well enough to make an introduction to her.” I’d say 50/50 at best.

But when you narrow your focus a bit, you’ll increase your results significantly.

3 Reasons to Commit to Niche Marketing
July 25, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

Niche Marketing… Target Marketing… Vertical Marketing…

These are not a new concepts to you. BUT, are you truly leveraging the substantial power of niche marketing to find more clients to serve, more revenue to generate… and more dollars in your bank account?

While there are many benefits that you can experience by narrowing your marketing focus, most of them fit under the umbrella of these 3 big benefits…

Is Your Value Proposition Winning the Race for Relevance?
July 13, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

Our brains are processing thousands of pieces of information every minute. And this, by the way, consumes a tremendous amount of energy. One way our brain attempts to minimize its energy consumption is by always asking the question, “Is this relevant? Do I need to pay attention to this? No? Great. What about this? A threat? An opportunity? And so it goes every waking minute of our lives.

I submit, therefore, that the most important ingredient in getting and keeping someone’s attention is relevance.