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Tag: social event marketing

7 Strategies to Get More Right-Fit Clients from Social Events
April 10, 2018Posted by Bill Cates

Here are 5 reasons why you should strongly consider adding Social Event Marketing to your overall client-acquisition plan (and 7 strategies for making your efforts as productive as possible).

How to Leverage the Persuasive Power of Social Proof
November 2, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

When your prospects are facing the decision to work with you (or not work with you), seeing that others have made that same decision can be very helpful. Sometimes that evidence that comes in the form of social proof, is all they need to decide to move forward to work with you.

If you have prospects, or clients, or centers of influence with a neutral view toward you (if that’s even possible), then the right social proof or piece of evidence can move them into a positive view of you. If they already view you in a positive light, then social proof will strengthen their positive perceptions.