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Tag: building relationships

10 Keys to Referrals & Introductions without Asking
July 13, 2020Posted by Bill Cates

Getting referrals and introductions without asking for them is probably the most fun way to grow your business – especially if you’re getting introduced to the right types of people. In this blog, I’ll provide you with the 10 keys to getting unsolicited referrals. Some of these keys can be broken down into 3 main…

Get Referrals Faster in New Relationships
May 20, 2020Posted by Bill Cates

Getting referrals faster in new relationships is all about providing immediate value. There are many ways to provide value in a brand-new relationship. Sometimes, just setting the appointment brings great value. You know this has happened when your new prospects say, “Thank you for speaking with us today. We’ve wanted to talk to someone about…