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RULE #2: Give Your Clients a Seat at the Table

by Bill Cates
Radical Relevance Rule #2: Give Your Clients a Seat at the Table

In my book Radical Relevance, I lay out The 17 Rules of Radical Relevance. I will be recording short videos for each one of these rules. They will be quick and easy for you to consume, and extremely valuable to your business (I promise). To check out all 17 Rules of Radical Relevance, click here

RADICAL RELEVANCE RULE #2: Give your clients a seat at the table.

You should never develop any marketing material, including sales literature, LinkedIn profiles, website copy, etc. without getting input and feedback from at least a few of your clients first. Sometimes, it may even be a good idea to discuss with some of your prospects with whom you have great relationships, as well.

So many professionals and businesses write these things in a vacuum. You think you know your clients, and you know what will resonate with them. But, it’s amazing how much better the end-product can be when you give your clients a seat at the table and factor their first-hand input into the way that you message your value.

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Let me give you an example. When I was doing this exercise with one of my own clients, Michael Schmitz, I said to him, “Michael, what do you find valuable in the work I do?”

He said, “Bill Cates makes asking for referrals as natural as breathing.”

Now, I never would have thought of saying that. Do I use this quote? You bet I do.

Your clients are just an incredible treasure chest of ideas for how you should be talking about your value. And, the really cool thing is that when you get these words, phrases, and concepts directly from your clients and prospects, they’re going to be the words that are already in their head.

Their answers won’t be filled with jargon and typical marketing speak. They’re going to be natural. They’re going to be words that they want to hear, and therefore, will attract the right people to you.

What could be more relevant than that?

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