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Prospering In Your First Year (and Beyond)

On-Demand Referral & Appointment-Setting Video Training System for New Financial Professionals

with Bill Cates (The Referral Coach) and Gail B. Goodman (The Phone Teacher)

70% of new financial professionals fail within 3 years.

The two most critical skills that make or break a career are the ability to:

1. Generate more referrals, and
2. Convert ALL prospects (referral and non-referral) into appointments.

Unfortunately, most new financial professionals underperform in these critical areas. But they don’t have to!

This comprehensive, on-demand, and easy-to-implement video training program will be a game-changer in terms of your activity and production. Click the appropriate button below to learn more!
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Individuals and Leaders Rave About Our Program

“I’m 1.5 years into this business. Both last week and this week I had eighteen appointments. Prior to learning your system, I never got past ten. My business is way up since I incorporated your system into my process.”

Y. Sebastian Winston, Ph.D
Financial Advisor (San Diego, CA)

“Gail and Bill are perfect bookends to any advisor’s client creation process. Any sales process could be used, but without Gail to help get prospects & Bill to help build referrals, you are putting your business at risk.”

Rich Schega, CFP®
CEO, Magnolia Wealth Strategies (Metairie, LA)

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Gail B. Goodman

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