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3 Simple Phrases Proven to Drive Prospects to Take Action

by Bill Cates
3 Power Phrases to Move Prospects to Take Action

Words matter.  Knowing exactly what you want to say in any given situation allows you to feel more confident and create the impact and influence you desire. However, this level of preparation is typically easier said than done, right?


Enter Phil M. Jones.


Phil Jones has made it his life’s work to demystify the sales process. His book, Exactly What to Say, is an easy-to-read masterpiece that arms you with specific words and phrases that have been proven to trigger a great response from prospects and keep the sale on track.  



“The worst time to think about the thing you are going to say is in the moment you are saying it.”

– Phil M. Jones          



3 Simple Word Tracks to Move Prospects to Action


Below are 3 brilliant concepts and phrases that Phil teaches in his book. Since people are constantly asking me to provide word tracks for exactly what to say in a given situation, I have developed a few “mini-scripts” to support Phil’s concepts and help you put his powerful ideas into play. If you’re looking for some fresh ways to keep the sales conversation moving, and convert more prospects into clients, then keep reading…


1. “Open-Minded”


According to Phil, if you asked a room of 1,000 people if they were open minded, over 900 would say “yes.”


I certainly believe this to be true. I know some consistently negative people who maintain that they are open minded.

So, let’s use this knowledge to our advantage. Since the alternative to being open-minded is being closed-minded, and we know very few people view themselves that way, this provides a great way to suggest a new idea or plan of action. For example:

  • How open-minded are you to taking a fresh look at this situation?
  • How open-minded are you to saving money on your taxes?
  • Would you be open-minded to examining a way for us to help you reach these goals that are important to you?


2. “Just Imagine…”


Writes Phil, “Did you know that every decision any human makes is made at least twice? The decision is first made in your mind hypothetically before it is ever made in reality.” He goes on to write, “In fact, for a decision to come true, you must have first at least imagined yourself doing it.”


To “imagine” is to create a mental image in one’s mind. In order to move people to act on our suggestions, we must first help them picture what it will look like once they’ve made that decision, and are enjoying the benefits of doing so. For example:

  • Just imagine how your retirement will be like if you are able to fully fund all your dreams.
  • Just imagine your ability to stop working because you have to and start working because you want to.
  • Just imagine the impact this strategy could have on your business.


3. “You Have 3 Options”


Phil Jones writes, “People hate to feel manipulated and nearly always want to feel like they made the final decision. When someone needs help deciding, using these words can help narrow their gaze, reduce their choices, and make it easier for them to pick.”


By presenting your prospects with three options, you can help crystalize and clarify the decision they need to make. Since a confused mind doesn’t act, the clarity that comes from presenting clear options usually creates action.


From my perspective, you have three options:


You can stay the course and continue with the results you’ve been getting.  

You can take some time to think about it, knowing that conditions may change between now and then. Or …

You can get the ball rolling today, and having everything in place within a few days. 


BONUS!  “If I Were in Your Shoes…”


This one is from me, and requires you to have confidence in your value and your ability to assess your prospects’ situation.


If you want to move someone to take action now, try using the phrase “If I were in your shoes.” This phrase works great when you believe you have established a decent level of rapport and trust with the prospect.


Many prospects are looking from a strong recommendation from you. When you sense that, it’s not a time to be shy and hold back. Be confident and make a recommendation.


P.S. Don't Keep This a Secret!






Special thanks to my colleague Phil M. Jones for permission to reference his book.  The 3 scenarios in this article are a fraction of what Phil provides in his book. If you end up speaking to Phil, make sure he knows that I’m NOT keeping him a secret!



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