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What is Your Referral Kryptonite?

by Bill Cates
Limiting Beliefs = Referral Kryptonite

Superman was rendered weak and ineffective in the presence of Kryptonite. You and I also have our versions of Kryptonite that come in the form of limiting beliefs.


My mentor as a youth, Bill Wilks, used to tell me, “Billy Cates. If you ever hit a problem or get stuck, the first place to look is at your beliefs. What do you believe to be true that may be holding you back from seeing or acting on what’s possible?”


Every time I’ve hit a plateau of success in my various businesses, I’ve had to ask myself, “What belief or series of beliefs is holding me back?”


Another term we might use here is “blind spots.”  We all have them, but we don’t always know it.  That’s why they call them BLIND SPOTS!


As my friend John likes to say, “It hard to see the picture when you’re in the frame.”  Another way to say this is, “It’s hard to see the can when you’re on the label.”


So how do we identify the limiting beliefs that might be keeping us from the result we want?

  1. Sit with yourself in a quiet environment and consider everything you can.  Be brutally honest with yourself. Look at the decisions you’re making and/or not making.
  2. Get some assistance from one or more trusted friends or associates.  I am currently part of four different types of masterminds (study groups).  Each group has a slightly different theme to it, but the common denominator that runs through all these groups is our desire to learn about and overcome our blind spots / limiting beliefs.   It’s not always easy or comfortable work. 


3 Limiting Beliefs or Blind Spots that Might be Keeping You From Your Next Level of Success with Introductions


Since my expertise centers around my desire to help you generate more ideal clients through referrals and personal introductions, here are some of the mistaken assumptions and limiting beliefs that I see curbing the success of my clients day in and day out.  I wonder if any of these might apply to you?


  1. “If I just serve the heck out of my clients, I will get all the referrals and introductions I need.”  This is actually half true.  Great client service and great client relationships are critical, but usually only lead to incremental growth. If you want to either speed up your growth or grow in a certain direction, you must find a way to be more proactive with purpose.
  2. “Asking for help is a sign of weakness.”  No!  Asking for help is a sign of high ego strength.  And in this case, we’re asking for help in helping others.  We believe in our value and sincerely want others to make their own educated decision around our areas of expertise.
  3. “Asking for referrals or introductions will make my clients feel uncomfortable.”  The truth is this:  Some of your clients will not feel comfortable with the introductions process.  But if you approach the conversation in the right manner (Using our V.I.P.S. Method™) none of your clients will feel uncomfortable with you bringing up the topic.



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