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Finally … A Proven & Efficient Process for Getting in Front of Ideal Prospects!


Do any of these match your current situation?

      • Your team wants more efficient and effective ways to find more ideal clients.
      • Your firm is doing well, but you know you could be doing much better.
      • Your team is sitting on a goldmine of satisfied clients and want a process that produces a more predictable flow of good quality introductions.
      • You and other team members want to get referred up to higher-level clients.
      • You’ve hired junior advisors and you want them to produce more results.
      • You want everyone to be on the same page with communicating your value.
      • You or some of your team members are thinking about going after a clear target market.
      • You’d like to have more free time to do some of the other things you love to do.

Look no further!  Here is a program designed with you in mind… The successful advisor who wants to keep growing your team.

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“When COVID hit, Bill’s referral process literally saved us. We went from 30% to 50% of our business coming from referrals, and we were still able to meet our revenue and sales numbers.”

Jason L. Smith & Bryan Bibbo
J.L. Smith Group Tax & Wealth Advisors   
Avon, OH

“Since we started working with Bill, we’ve gotten more referrals in the last 3-6 months than we did in 3-5 years before. Bill makes asking for referrals as natural as taking a breath.”

Charlie Epstein
President, Epstein Financial Services
Springfield, MA

“As a result of Bill’s coaching, I have brought in $12.7 million in new assets. That’s $170,000 of recurring annual income due to using Bill’s techniques. Now that’s results!”

Erin Gay
Founder & CEO, Legacy Financial
Annapolis, MD



How the Program Works


We will provide one full year of membership for your entire firm in our online training platform, The Cates Academy for Relationship Marketing™. To view the complete course curriculum, click here.

  • KICK-OFF CALL:  I will conduct a brief “launch” phone call to walk you and your team through the system and answer any questions related to The Cates Academy platform and our overall system.
  • RAPID FIRE REFERRALS:  Included in the Academy is our Rapid Fire Referrals reinforcement program that our advisor clients have renamed, “The Habit Maker.” Twice per week, your team will get two brief (but brilliant!) video lessons emailed to them. They can download the audio, or print the transcripts, to capture the helpful word tracks and establish the habits necessary to produce tangible results.
  • FINE-TUNING: As part of this phase of the program, I will review and provide feedback on how you are communicating your value to your idea prospects – to help you attract more Right-Fit Clients™.


Several weeks (usually 3-4) into your online program, I will conduct a virtual coaching session with your team to learn from early successes, answer questions, and address challenges.


I will deliver an in-person, advanced workshop with your team to reinforce what everyone has learned and to discuss how the strategies and tactics can be applied to their specific situations. I will also add new content, not covered in the video training.

You and I will talk before this session to build the agenda to suit your specific needs. The length of this session is usually 3 to 3.5 hours (but could be longer depending on what we’re trying to accomplish.


Following the in-person workshop, I will conduct two more group coaching calls to discuss challenges, answer questions, brainstorm upcoming scenarios, and learn from successes.  I allot up to 60 minutes for these calls.

I will be available to you as much as needed before, during, and after the entire program to continue to assist in the reinforcement and referral-culture building.

*Optional: Some firms like me to provide 1:1 coaching time to some or all of their advisors. It’s a good option and we can provide reduced coaching rates since it’s part of this larger program.

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How a One Firm is Using Our Program


Kuttin Wealth Management (Long Island, NY) is #11 on Barron’s Top 100 and has had incredible success implementing the strategies learned from The Cates Academy.

In this video, Kuttin’s Managing Director Eric W. Szczurowski, CFP®, APMA®, BFA, CAS©, CFS®  outlines their model – providing an excellent blueprint for you to follow to produce tangible and ongoing results.

Click the video to watch now!


 $9,500 plus travel (usually consisting of airfare, ground transport, parking, hotel, and meals.

If you wish, we can estimate the transportation costs and lock them in to provide an all-inclusive rate). Terms are typically 50% to get the online system activated, begin the coaching, and lock in the training date. The balance will be due at, or soon after, the live workshop.

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Who is Bill Cates?

Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE, works with established financial advisors and their teams to speed up their growth without increasing their marketing budget. Advisors tap into Bill’s proven process to multiply their best clients through introductions from advocates and Centers of Influence (such as CPAs and attorneys), communicate their value proposition more effectively, and create a reputation in a profitable target market. Bill helps advisors move from push prospecting to magnetic marketing – to attract more Right Fit Clients™.

Bill is the author of four best-selling books, Get More Referrals Now, Don’t Keep Me a Secret, Beyond Referrals, and Radical Relevance. Bill is a highly sought-after international speaker and coach, as well as the founder of The Cates Academy for Relationship Marketing™ and host of The Top Advisor Podcast.

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