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3 Tips for Creating a Compelling LinkedIn Profile

by Bill Cates
Tips for Creating a Compelling LinkedIn Profile

3 Critical Questions & Answers for a Compelling LinkedIn Profile

FIRST – What do I mean by a “Compelling LinkedIn Profile?”

The best LinkedIn profiles move people to take action. They are written in such a way that visitors will take action; accept your invitation, want to connect with you, and meet with you because someone they trust recommended you.

A compelling profile, voice mail message, email message – you name it – moves people to action. Isn’t that what you want? When someone looks at your LinkedIn profile, it needs to answer these 3 critical questions for the visitor:

  1. What do you do?
  2. How do your clients benefit?
  3. How might you be different than the competition?

These are only a few of the questions that your visitors have about you – consciously or unconsciously. If you answer them, they will take the action you desire.*


3 simple LinkedIn profile tips that move people to action:

1. Professional Headline:

Don’t write something boring like “Financial Representative” or “President” or other words that don’t stimulate interest or action. Use this simple formula: I work with ________ who want to _______.

Working with Small Business Owners to Maximize Retirement Income while Minimizing Taxes.

Providing Individuals and Families with a Road Map to Income for Life.

Who/what is your target market? What do they want? Answering those two questions in one simple sentence qualifies the visitor and provides a benefit.


2. Profile Summary, Part I:

Unless you are applying for a new job, do NOT write this like it’s your resume. First, repeat and expand on what you started in your Professional Headline; who you serve and how they benefit. Then, move to this next item…


3. Profile Summary, Part II:

Let your passion for your value come through by telling people why you believe in your value; why you got started in this business, why you’re still in this business, and/or what drives you to excellence. This usually involves telling a very short story.

While I started in this business because I was a finance major in college, in my first month I saw firsthand – through the bad advice my father was receiving – that so many people were getting no advice, bad advice, or incomplete advice. So, I’m on a mission to make sure everyone makes the most educated decisions possible, which are ONLY in their best interest.


For more information on writing a more complete and compelling LinkedIn profile, check out the work of these two remarkable resources:

Crystal Thies:

Clare Aiken:


*I want to acknowledge Leo Pusateri for the ideas, inspiration, and language he taught me years ago about how to articulate one’s value. If you’re a financial advisor, check out his work:


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