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5 No-Brainer Places to Find More Referrals

by Bill Cates
Find More Referrals: Where's Your Low Hanging Fruit?

When I deliver my live presentations, I like to demonstrate the 5 places you should always consider creating a conversation about referrals and personal introductions. While these areas are SO obvious (hence “no brainer” in the title), most professionals, advisors, and business owners miss these opportunities to find more referrals.  What about you?

Find More Referrals: Where to Look?

  1. Clients Who Love You – You do have clients who love you, don’t you? They truly see your value and they like you to the point where they might want to help you? If you don’t, then either you’re just starting your business or we need to schedule a therapy session to examine why you don’t.  You could bumble through your attempt to get introductions, they’d feel sorry for you, and still make introductions to you.
  2. Clients Who Have Already Given Referrals – These clients already think you’re referable and they’ve already demonstrated a willingness to provide you with referrals. Go back to them with a couple of suggestions – either specific people you know that they know or a few categories of people you serve well – and you’re likely to find more referrals waiting for you.
  3. Clients Who Said They’d Be Willing to Refer – Do you or your parent company conduct client satisfaction surveys where they ask, “Would you be willing to refer _____?” If so, then this is truly a no brainer!  I recently wrote a 1-page report on how to maximize this opportunity – with some specific language you can use. To get this report, click this link:  Willing to Refer
  4. Clients You’ve Met Through a Referral – I saw a study once that said, “Clients who come into your business through a referral are 250% more likely to provide you with referrals than clients you bring in through other methods.” It makes sense that clients you’ve met through a referral would be more predisposed to do the same that someone did for them.
  5. Clients You Want to Clone – I think you can see that there is a bit of a hierarchy in these five items. If you’re not super comfortable approaching clients for referrals and introductions, you probably want to start with Clients Who Love You and slowly build your confidence to the point where you can consider this category. If you’re at the stage of your business/career where you have become more selective about who you want to meet, then it is more important to find the right referrals than to just find more referrals. If you’re in this situation, you want to start approaching your clients with the higher percentage of likelihood of introducing you to the right types of clients.


Is it time for you to capture the low-hanging fruits in order to find more referrals?

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