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2 Totally Different Sales Strategies that Work

by Bill Cates

Your prospects think you are there to sell them something.


Even if you are 100 percent committed to doing what’s in their best interest – which could mean you not winning the business – they still think your motive is to get them to do business with you.


So how do you shift this dynamic?


I have two totally different approaches for you to consider. Both can work. And, yes, it’s possible to blend the two. (I’ll show you how at the end of this post.)


2 Very Different Sales Strategies that Help You Win Clients



Strategy 1 – Teach Your Prospects How to Buy What You Sell


When you teach your prospects how to buy whatever product or service you provide, you remove yourself from the “selling process.” If done sincerely, this puts your prospect at ease, builds trust, and helps you win the new client.


About a year ago, I went shopping for a new mattress. Talk about “A Tale of Two Cities!”


At the first store, the salesperson took the laissez-faire approach. He asked me my price range, pointed to an area of the store, and said, “It’s really a matter of personal preference. Let me know what feels best to you. We have same-day delivery.”


While I appreciate a low-pressure approach, a little more guidance would have been appreciated.


At the second store, the salesperson was truly engaged in the educational aspect of the selection process. First, she had me lay in this “device” that measured some of my preferences. Second, she walked me through a few choices, explaining along the way why each one felt different to me. Finally, she left me on my own to consider my options. Needless to say, she won my business.

Check out this video for two additional examples of how this dynamic can work to everyone’s benefit.



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Strategy #2 – Make Your Goal and Process Totally Transparent


It can be quite effective to lay out your entire process to your prospects.


“With your permission, I’d like to apply a process that I’ve found quite helpful in our mutual determination if working together makes sense. I think you’ll find this process helpful and valuable. If I truly believe I can be a resource for you, I’ll let you know why I think that. Sound fair?”


Of course, you’ll have to adjust this language to fit your style and situation.


How would you put these two together? You lead with Strategy #2 – in a soft and appropriate manner. Then, at some point in your process, you say something like, “No matter who you work with for accomplishing these important goals, make sure they…” Then you provide some features of a quality situation or some key questions to ask the others businesses they might be considering.


Make sure you watch the video embedded in this blog post above so see how that might play out.


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