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with Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE

Help Your Team Achieve Tangible Results in a Virtual World!

As a result of social distancing, we have seen a huge increase in requests for virtual training, presentations. and webinars. Below, we have included some of our most popular topics.

Most virtual learning sessions run anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes. The longer sessions allow for demonstration, role play, and breakouts.*

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5 High-Content, Fast-Paced, Interactive, and Engaging Sessions Designed for Results 
(sessions will be tailored to the expected attendees)


“First You Survive – Then You Thrive”

Get a Jumpstart on Client Acquisition through Referrals, Networking, and Communicating More Relevant & Compelling Value

Recommended For: New Agents/Advisors

  • Develop the proper mindset for growth and success.
  • Generate introductions to quality prospects from prospects, clients, and your natural market.
  • Create productive relationships with Centers of Influence.

“Multiply Your Best Clients in a Virtual World”

Meeting More Ideal (Perfect Fit) Clients through Referrals and Personal Introductions

Recommended For: All Levels

  • Learn proven methods to generate more unsolicited referrals.
  • Use a professionals and effective method ask for introductions without pushing or begging.
  • Learn 3 templates for creating email introductions that connect you with the new prospect and spark their interest in hearing from you.

“Becoming Radically Relevant in Unpredictable Times”

Communicate Your Relevant Value to Cut Through the Noise and Win More Ideal Clients

Recommended For: All Levels

  • Discover what successful financial professionals are doing to grow their business during these trying times.
  • Message your value proposition to attract just the right clients and repel the rest.
  • Avoid this one huge mistake you might be making when you talk about your value.

“Crafting Your Elevator Pitch”

Communicating What You Do & What Makes You Different to Spark Interest

Recommended For: All Levels

  • Discover the 5 key elements of your Value Positioning Statement.
  • Learn the power of choosing the right target market for you and the bullseye in that market.
  • Identify and communicate what makes you different – in a way that attracts prospects to you and helps you win more clients.

“Your Riches are in Niches”

Attract Ideal Clients in a Lucrative Target Market or Affinity Group

Recommended For: Established Reps

  • Choose the right target market and your Right-Fit Clients™.
  • Create a magnetic reputation that draws prospects to you.
  • Get more introductions more easily to high-quality prospects.

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