Telling Your Story – Selling Your Value

Discover and Communicate Your Authentic Value Proposition to Win More Clients and Referrals

Fundamental to your business success is your ability to discover, articulate, and communicate your value. Over many years of helping individuals and organizations through a process to maximize their Authentic Value Proposition™, Bill’s experience has been that most people (and businesses) are not particularly good at communicating their full and true value, in a way that feels genuine and captures the attention of others. Perhaps they’ve never really done the work it takes. Or, perhaps, they’re not revisiting their value proposition from time to time.


It’s Time for You to Discover:

  • 2 Proven Ways to Identify Your Full Value
  • 6 Questions for Which You Must Know the Answers
  • The Authentic Value Proposition Formula™
  • Tapping into the Awesome Power of Your “Personal Why”
  • The 5 Critical Elements for Your Effective Value Proposition

This is NOT a tricky elevator speech!

This is a genuine way to express your value that will resonate with anyone; prospects, clients, centers of influence; team members, and your staff. Learn how to create and use your Authentic Value Proposition™.

appropriate for

Appropriate For

Sales Professionals | Advisors & Consultants | Business Owners | Sales Managers/Leaders

suggested time frame

Suggested Time Frame

Usually 45-60 minutes. Can be coupled with a breakout session to go deeper into strategies presented.

suggested reinforcement program

Suggested Reinforcement Program

Rapid Fire Referrals | Referral Coach Academy | Top-Producer Coaching

“It’s not your prospects’ or clients’ job to discover your value. It’s your job to know it and communicate it with impact.”

“Thank you for a fantastic presentation at the Ameriprise conference. This was my first opportunity to hear you present in person. Your ideas are extremely valuable and you’ve motivated me to implement them as soon as I can.”

bill-cates-testimonial-shannon-andersonShannon Anderson
Financial Advisor

“You’re a dynamic speaker with an important message. Your presentation at our conference was a rousing success. Thank you for helping me make this a very successful meeting!”

bill-cates-testimonial-mark-rannowMark Rannow
Manager of Financial Consultant Program

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