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What would it mean to you if you had a proven process to create an unstoppable flow of referrals and introductions to just the right clients?

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10 Strategies to Build a Thriving Referral-Based Business

It’s not just about asking for introductions.
It’s about building a culture within your business.

  • Develop a “Referral Brain”
  • Communicate Your Value with Clarity and Differentiation
  • Become Super Referable to Get Introductions without Asking
  • Promote Introductions
  • Ask for Introductions without Pushing or Begging
  • Turn Referrals into Solid Introductions
  • Set Appointments that Stick
  • Convert Prospects into Clients without Pressure
  • Maximize Client Appreciation and Referral Events
  • Gain High-Level Referrals from Centers of Influence

Now you can learn a process that fits your schedule.

“Bill Cates makes asking for referrals as natural as breathing.”

Michael Schmitz – San Mateo, CA

Are you ready to stop dabbling in referrals

and make a commitment to growing your business through referrals and personal introductions? I strongly urge you to take a serious look at the two high-powered self-study programs we’ve created for professionals like you.

Learn a Proven Process to Become Super Referable and
Be Appropriately Proactive for Referrals and Personal Introductions

State-of-the-Art Online Training
With Built-In Coaching from Bill Cates

State-of-the-Art training platform with built-in coaching from Bill Cates!
  • Learn our proven system on-demand, 24/7.
  • Short, interactive, high-content lessons hold your attention and stimulate new habits.
  • Scripts, Scripts, and More Scripts so you’re never at a loss for just the right words.
  • Accessible on PC, Mac, or Tablet.
  • Gain great confidence in any situation related to referrals and introductions.

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