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Turbo-Charge Your Client Acquisition

Helping the Best Get Better

Knowledge is useless unless it’s turned into action. The Referral Champions™ Coaching Program will help you focus on the actions that produce results. You’ll learn a proven, systematic approach to referrals and gain the confidence to use it!


You Already Know that You’re Sitting on a Goldmine of Opportunity!

The key word is leverage. It’s time to leverage all your hard work and great relationships into introductions to more high-level clients.


A Highly Customized Process to Significantly Increase Your Revenue Dollars without Increasing Your Marketing Dollars



Authentic Value and Branding

Use our amazingly simple Authentic Value Proposition Formula™ to discover and communicate your unique value.



Become super referable quickly and over time by using our Client Engagement Process. You’ll get better referrals and introductions without even asking.



Get comfortable and consistent promoting referrals and introductions with engaged clients. Get confident asking for introductions without pushing or begging.


High-Level Clients

Become crystal clear how on to attract the right clients for your business model. Are you tired of getting “referred down?” Want to get “referred up?”


Social Media

The referral is not the end game – it’s a means to an end. The goal is a new, high-level client. It’s about creating measurable results.


Target Markets

Learn the power of focusing on one or more target markets and maximize your results through Reputation Marketing Methods™.



Referrals aren’t enough anymore. Create engaged introductions so that prospects are truly interested in hearing from you.



Set appointments with high-level prospects that stick and then convert prospects who fit your profile into new clients.


Centers of Influence

Referrals from CPAs, Attorneys, and other Centers of Influence can be a significant source of clients. How are you doing with this strategy?


Event Marketing

Client appreciation events and bring-a-guest events can be a great source of high-level clients. Are you maximizing your event marketing?


Staff Involvement

Do you have staff? Are they making a contribution to your referral culture? Helping you create client engagement? Being proactive in a meaningful way?


Focus – Accountability – Success!

  • Process – A systematic approach to generating referrals that is customized to your specific practice. Bill Cates will learn about you and your clients to help you adopt a system that’s a perfect fit.
  • Focus – Ongoing attention from Bill Cates. You’ll be amazed how sustained focus in this area will make a huge difference for you.
  • Accountability & Encouragement – To guide you to take action that will produce results. This program is all about you taking new and more effective actions.
  • Training Tools – All the tools you need to learn the Referral Advantage Marketing System™. By going through these tools before your first coaching call, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running and produce results very quickly.
  • Access – In addition to your scheduled calls, you have unlimited access to Bill Cates via email and specially arranged phone calls.

2 Consulting Options Let’s Discuss What’s Best for You

1:1 with Individuals

May Include One Partner or Staff Member

  • Pre-consulting interview.
  • Client begins with The Cates Academy for Relationship Marketing™ on-demand, self-study program. .
  • 6 months of unlimited access to Bill Cates. Typically we start with 1-hour conversations (phone or online) every 2-3 weeks and see what is necessary to help you achieve your desired results.
  • Customized Action Plan development.
  • Ongoing review of your branding, value proposition, client-service model, and other aspects of your business.

Premier Teams & Firms

Get Everyone Working Together to Create Your Thriving Referral Culture

  • Pre-consulting interviews with key players.
  • Client begins with The Cates Academy for Relationship Marketing™ on-demand, self-study program.
  • Full-day, onsite Implementation Session.
  • Creating of a clear Action Plan.
  • 4 months of follow-up calls to reinforce, fine tune, and execute your action plan .
  • Unlimited access to Bill Cates via email and phone when necessary.

Start a conversation with Bill Cates to see what’s best for you Contact Bill Cates Directly 301.497.2200


How many new clients will it take for you to recoup your investment? One? Two? Three at most – depending on your business model. This is a no-brainer!

In addition to the structured program – tailored to your practice and your goals – Bill Cates is available to you as needed, e.g., preparing to meet with a client, debriefing after a client meeting, brainstorming situations; whatever it takes to help you become even more successful with personal introductions. It’s like walking the golf course with your pro next to you every step along the way.

Woman with Arrow Sign

What occurs during the coaching calls?

  • Ensuring full understanding of the system.
  • Customizing the system to your business.
  • Brainstorming upcoming scenarios.
  • Skills practice.
  • Recording the calls for future references.
  • “Coach on Call” Role play and/or strategize just before a meeting and debrief right after it. Perfect learning methodology.
  • Reports and other tools sent to you along the way to address specific situations.

This isn’t about Bill Cates hounding you for an hour about what you didn’t do. It’s also not a lecture. It’s a dynamic discussion – a give and take exchange of ideas. Bill is there to help you succeed, not make you feel like you’ve failed.