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What would it mean to your firm and your reps if they lived up to their referral potential?

Now they can – with the best referral training on the planet!

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Nagging your reps…

doesn’t help them create more referrals and introductions. So what does? Training… Good, solid training. And practice… lots of practice. And accountability… Not “the hammer” but accountability that motivates and inspires.

Available in 2 Video Based Training Formats
Let Us Help You Choose the Best Format For You

Manager-Lead with Self-Study

State-of-the-Art training platform with built-in coaching from Bill Cates!

Reps take the lessons on their own or with a buddy, then come together to practice, set goals, brainstorm solutions and celebrate.

  • Train Reps and Managers in our proven on-demand system – on their schedule.
  • Track participant’s training activity through the system.
  • Track participants’ behavior in the field designed to produce results.
  • Bring them together to practice their skills, brainstorm solutions, set goals, hold accountable, and celebrate their successes.
  • Use our 60-day action plan to create quick adoption and tangible results.
  • Get best practices for training implementation, reinforcement, and celebration!

DVD-Based Group Training

Bring your reps together for this traditional DVD-based, group-training program.

Learn and discuss together. Set goals. Take action. Come back and practice some more.

  • Rookies get the right mindset and strategies from the very start of their career.
  • Veterans are using this system to help them leverage their book of loyal clients.
  • Track participants’ behavior in the field designed to produce results.
  • Module 1 – Prospecting for Introductions teaches your reps how to ask for referrals without pushing or begging.
  • Turn-key program with comprehensive Leaders Guide and access to Bill Cates.
  • 5 more modules provide a 6 to 12 month referral-training curriculum.
  • Build a thriving Referral Culture that changes habits and sustains results over time.

“We are very pleased with the results of the Referral Advantage program. Our people are asking and getting more referrals than ever before. The specific language Cates provides makes all the difference. Every manager should also be using it for recruiting.”

bill-cates-testimonial-lonnie-sesskinLonnie Sesskin
Training Manager
West Palm Beach, FL

“I have been in business for 24 years and was never comfortable asking for the dreaded word: referrals. I now use your word crafting and it WORKS! I am having so much fun with this.”

bill-cates-testimonial-robin-wolffRobin Wolff
Miami, FL

“I’ve had immediate success with your VIPS referral process. I used it with a client who has been with me for 2½ years. It opened the floodgates. He gave me 8 introductions. Thank you! Thank you!”

bill-cates-testimonial-mike-morgerMike Morger
Financial Professional
Cincinnati, OH

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