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Your Veteran Reps are Sitting on a Goldmine!

Most veterans get “passive referrals.” That’s because they are referable. Imagine what could happen if they became even more referable and then appropriately proactive.

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Turn Incremental Growth into Exponential Growth

The Referral Champions™ Coaching Program will help your advisors focus on the actions that produce results. They’ll learn a proven, systematic approach to referrals and introductions and then gain the confidence to use it!

Receive ongoing coaching and support that will create lasting habits. This top advisor coaching program is available in one-on-one and small team formats.

A Customized Coaching Program that Will Help Your Reps:

  • Discover and communicate their value in the most effective way
  • Have just the right presence on the internet to boost credibility and pique interest
  • Increase client engagement to become super referable
  • Promote referrals to get referrals and introductions without asking
  • Become crystal clear on how to attract your ideal client (or range of clients)
  • Approach clients for referrals without pushing or begging
  • Turn referrals into introductions to people eager to hear from you
  • Set appointments with elite prospects that stick
  • Get more referrals from centers of influence (such as CPAs and attorneys)
  • Maximize the power of social-event marketing
  • Convert more prospects into clients with no-pressure, high-impact methods

From incremental growth to exponential growth?

Even your top producers operate with mistaken assumptions, and lack of confidence in certain areas – holding them back from their true potential. Top Producer Coaching will help your top reps or those on their way there – to realize gaps in their awareness and actions – and give them the tools to produce even better results.

“Bill Cates’ system has helped me become more comfortable with referrals. With this system, I’m making sure I always provide value and use his VIPS Method. I’ve gone from 2-4 referrals per week to 12-15 per week, yielding a 50% increase in revenue production.”

bill-cates-testimonial-richard-hallRichard Hall
Financial Professional
Linton, IN

“This system has allowed me to radically step up my referral results. Using the VIPS method for asking, my insurance production is up 300% this year over last year. Next year I expect a 600% increase. This is huge!”

bill-cates-testimonial-sean-jamiesonSean Jamieson
Financial Professional
B.C., Canada

“Since starting Bill’s introductions process, we have acquired 30 new clients through referrals in just six months– netting us 1.5 million in new assets under management in the last quarter.”

bill-cates-testimonial-heidi-helmeke2Heidi Helmeke
Financial Professional
Lake Elmo, MN

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