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Nagging Your Reps to Get More Referrals Doesn’t Work!

What Does? Building a culture with the right mix of training, practice, and reinforcement.

Confident Couple

It All Comes Down to Confidence

  • Reps just aren’t as referable as they need to be – don’t create full client engagement.
  • Reps don’t know how to ask in a comfortable and confident way.
  • Reps worry that asking for introductions is pushy and could jeopardize the relationship.
  • Reps imagine they can’t ask because they haven’t delivered enough value yet.
  • Reps fear that they’ll appear to be begging, needy, or unprofessional.
  • Reps fear the concerns, brushoffs, or objections like “Let me think about it.”
Sound familiar? Our Referral Advantage Marketing System™ is designed to eliminate these fears and excuses and replace them with confidence, action, and results.

If your reps aren’t producing at the level both you and they desire…

it probably comes down two key common denominators of successful action: SKILL… knowing what to do… and… WILL… doing what needs to be done. And not just for your reps, but your leadership team as well.

Our Most Popular Programs

These programs all stand alone and can be blended to create a longer session. They also make great webinars and breakout sessions at conferences.  All sessions will be tailored to your firm or audience.  When applicable, we are happy to weave in other messages and initiatives you would like us to reinforce for you.


Grow Your Business with Referrals & Introductions

An overview of the primary strategies that can help a business attract more, high-level clients through word of mouth, referrals, and personal introductions.


Discovering and Communicating Your Authentic Value Proposition™

Forget the “elevator pitch.” Discover and communicate your value in an authentic way that piques the interest of prospects and gets you more referrals.


Enhance Client Engagement to Get Referrals without Asking

While asking does work, there are a number of things you can do to start the flow of referrals and introductions without ever asking.


Ask for Referrals & Introductions without Pushing or Begging

Being proactive for referrals and introductions is not rocket science. It’s about getting confident with a proven process.


Turn Referrals into Introductions, Appointments, and New Clients

The referral is not the end game – it’s a means to an end. The goal is a new, high-level client. It’s about creating measurable results.


Develop Productive Centers of Influence for High-Level Clients

Referrals and Introductions from trusted sources can help you reach just the right clients for your business. Get a systematic process to meet and leverage these sources.


Maximize Social Event Marketing

Client appreciation events and referral events are great strategies for meeting high-level prospects in a no-pressure setting. Make this a results-producing strategy.


No-Pressure, High-Impact Sales Strategies

Turning a prospect into a client is just about helping the prospect make the best possible decision through education, trust, and the right recommendations.

Bottom Line

All of these sessions are high-content, interactive, and designed to provide the knowledge, skill,
and confidence to change behavior and produce results.

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Praise for the Referral Advantage Marketing System™

“Not only did our agents enjoy your program, they actually acted on your ideas. The got so fired up about referrals, the weeks following they TRIPLED the number of referrals they were getting.”

bill-cates-testimonial-mike-condreyMike Condrey, CLU
General Agent
Raleigh, NC

“Because of your system, I qualified for our Leaders Club my very first year (which was only 6 months long) and every year since. Advisors often say they don’t have enough people to call, which I believe is their own fault. I can honestly say I would not have made it had I not been introduced to your system.”

bill-cates-testimonial-gary-yaglenskiGary Yaglenski
Perkasie, PA

“The Bill Cates’ Referral Training Program is the best in the business. We’re using live programs and his video-based program. For the 50 advisors who went through his first session, new clients acquired through referrals are up 30% over the same period last year.”

bill-cates-testimonial-patrick-oconnellPatrick H. O’Connell, MBA, CFP™ ChFC
Executive Vice President
Hartford, CT

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